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  • Nancy Norton: Super Dork

    Originally from the Ozarks, Nancy Norton is a single, stay-away-from-home mom with a double-wide vision board.

  • With All Due Respect

    LeClerc Andre is having a breakout year as a featured New Face at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

  • Un-Lit

    Matt Falk was called "effortlessly funny" by the CBC. He's performed at Just For Laughs, The Hal!fax Comedy Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

  • Retiring Material

    Kabir Singh is a huge crowd-pleaser with an abundance of energy, an in-your-face attitude, and clever material.

  • American By Choice

    Award Winning Comedian Nazareth, has been seen by over 40 Million people around the world through live concerts, TV and Radio broadcasts.

  • The Maestro of Comedy

    Armando has been perfecting his unique style of comedy, utilizing his decades of classical violin mastery, his guitar skills, and even breakdance in his act.

  • Personally Speaking

    Comedian Maher Matta has been performing standup comedy for nearly sixteen years. He has appeared on FOX's "Laughs TV", has performed at comedy clubs across the country, hired for private events, and placed in comedy festivals and competitions.

  • Dear Amy,

    A special special dedicated to a special lady.

  • Documented

    From Dublin, Ireland, Dave Nihill is the winner of the prestigious San Francisco Comedy Competition, runner up in the Moth's largest US Grandslam storytelling competition and a best-selling writer.

  • Cruising America

    Dylan Mandlsohn uses his own brilliant comedy to entertain and challenge social norms by pushing boundaries that promote forward thinking to his Stand-up audiences across this globe.

  • More True

    Raised on a farm in the heart of Canada, Leland quickly learned that shoveling manure and weeding potatoes, although lucrative, wasn't his passion in life.

  • Third World Energy

    Yemeni American, Ali Sultan shares his story of becoming officially American. It is a story full of freedom, superstores, miscommunication, red flags, lots of driving, and a very special place called “Coca La Conca.”

  • American Immigrant

    Kurdish and playing hard to get, Matin Atrushi is trying to distance himself from his sand-eating dad, his inevitable managerial position at Best Buy, and his stab-worthy Spanish skills.