New Releases

  • Jeff Applebaum: Nut. Free. Zone.


    Born in the “Holy Land” and now stuck in California’s eternal Earth day, Jeff Applebaum is a Jewish comedian who is pleading for consistency. He’s learned the magic of bowel movement prediction, marriage-proof groceries, and bilingual excuses.

  • Kerri Pomarolli: Voices In My Head


    An LA woman, Kerri Pomarolli, is here to share all of the gossip from Hollywood Botox and Golden Girls with her 10-year-old, from carbohydrate friends to autocorrection nightmares

  • Freelancers

    1 season

    From JK! Studios, a show about five broke friends that’ll try anything to keep their company from sinking.

  • Ali Sultan: Third World Energy


    Yemeni American, Ali Sultan shares his story of becoming officially American. It is a story full of freedom, superstores, miscommunication, red flags, lots of driving, and a very special place called “Coca La Conca.”

  • Paul Aldrich: Music & Mirth


    Paul Aldrich and his guitar take Dry Bar on a trip around the universe of music for an unforgettable combination of tunes and jokes that will leave you singing kumbaya and a hit song from every decade.

  • Dan Brown: Not Shopping Here Today


    Dan Brown is a pretty smart idiot. Coming from hillbilly blood, he shares his dungeons and dragons jail-time, batman wedding, and his Pro Wrestling marriage problems.

  • Eric Hunter: These Are Not My Pants


    Eric Hunter is a childless stay-at-home dad with an untucked shirt and a vengeance for physical activity.

  • Bil Dwyer: Barbed Dwyer


    Bil Dwyer is reaching his breaking point with work and family life. Right now, Bil’s life consists of garbage garage sales, teaching his children how to be pigeons, telling fellas to settle down, and filling the “young buck” role at the YMCA.

  • JK! at Dry Bar - 11. Dance, Devil, Doctor

    Oh, the sketches you'll watch this week on the season finale of JK! @ Dry Bar! Secret agents, devilish parenting and a doctor straight out of a children's book!

  • Kenn Kington: Enjoying Chaos


    Kenn Kington is losing his patience. As a father and a husband, he's coming to terms with the meaning of “we,” teenage food consumption, and cable’s 900 channels.

  • Kristin Lindner: The Birds & Febreze


    Quirky and cynical, Kristin Lindner breathes fresh air into motherhood and marriage, salvaging lessons from a pet hamster's disaster, a mother-in-law’s urn, and a husband’s interrupted nightmare.

  • JK! @ Dry Bar - 10. Hats, Red, Shower

    A tip of the hat to JK! Studios, color me impressed and shower them with praise because this week's episode is downright hilarious.

  • Lisa Gilbert: All the Time Tired


    Lisa Gilbert hasn’t had a donut to herself in years. With her new triplets, marriage, and 52nd birthday, Lisa’s personal relationship with herself and Jesus has needed to make some adjustments. Kid leashes and skates; God’s dropbox; and city-approved birthday parties are her new norm.

  • Sonya White: Boot It Up


    Sonya White graces the stage with “buttered-up” jokes and a contagious Southern charm. She shares her love for false-hope TV shows, DIY alarm systems, and Mary Kay motorbikes.

  • JK! @ Dry Bar - 9. Insects, Miracles, Managers

    Bug activists, modern-day miracles and how to speak to a manager.

  • James Gregory: Food is Not Fatal


    James Gregory, a Georgian suffering from Vertigo, is on a mission to spread the good news of “real butter,” Paul-bearing strength, hotter summers, and endangered chicken legs.

  • Travis Nelson: To Touch A Cloud


    Ever since Travis Nelson was whacked by Mother Nature’s growing stick, things have been looking down. The story involves magical lifeguard whistles, ice clouds, and a skydiver’s bucket list.

  • Clayburn Cox: Toothbrush Prank War


    Born and raised in Alabama, Clayburn Cox makes comedy look easy. He sings a new and improved "Old McDonald," gives the proper answer to “what is your name, sir?” and heckles the audience before they can heckle him.

  • Dan Mengini: Been There, Dumb That!


    Not smart enough to do any more with his overactive brain, Dan Mengini is stuck using plastic, explaining apps to his parents, singing the alphabet to get through the phone book, and dreaming about the life he could’ve had in a third world country.

  • Seth Knorr: The Correct Answer


    Even keeled and skeptical, Seth Knorr graces the stage to wash away any preconceived notions regarding report cards, global warming, and family budgets.

  • Joe Deuce: Mixed Reviews


  • J Bliss: Ninja Practice


    South Jersey originated and a hater of zodiac tattoos, J Bliss pulls his jokes from everyday observations, whether that’s shopping for watches, experiencing gas pump harassment, or trying to differentiate between donkeys and pit bulls.

  • John Moyer: Welcome to My World


    John Moyer, an American comedian, is looking to solve the nation’s greatest issues, starting with over-aged drivers, Ambien shopping sprees, and unattended shopping carts.

  • Brandon Young: Chicken Gone