New Releases

  • Dan Swartwout: Bring It


    “A gap-toothed guy from Ohio,” Dan Swartwout opens up about what losing weight, the newly-wed game, and a star certificate will do for a marriage.

  • Josh Blue: Get In The Pile


    Josh Blue, a comedian with cerebral palsy, breathes fresh air into the meaning of disability. For Blue, it comes with a multi-purpose arm, a surplus of handicap stickers, and the world’s largest human pile.

  • Zany Report - Episode 5

    Bob Zany shares breaking news on everything from Weight Watchers and the Royals to Steve Irwin and golfer’s tragedy.

  • Jody Fuller: I'm From Alabama


    A lifetime stutterer born and raised in Alabama, Jody Fuller quantifies how many syllables his first word was, people who have finished his sentences, and letters in the alphabet that are best to be avoided.

  • Karen Mayer Cunningham: Looking Good


    From Texas and headed for heaven, Karen Cunningham is in a war with the beauty defects of age. She recommends replacing white pants and sunlight with pantyhose and prayer.

  • Zany Report - Episode 4

    Bob Zany reports on all things Covid-19. From Kansas to Las Vegas, toilet paper, inflation, arrested babies, and Elvis are all on the docket.

  • Paul Moomjeam: Guys Like You & Me

    Movie + 1 extra

    Give Paul a tip. He's desperate. (Looking at you Paul's mom)
    $1 is fine. $5 is ideal.

  • Percy Crews: Old School


    With an unrivalable energy, Percy Crews comes to the stage miffed about water bottles, kids these days, scuba diving, and Mexican food.

  • Ryan Dalton: Big Heart, Small Brain


    A product of the Midwest, Ryan Dalton has found his greatest controversy in street mattresses, dog flights, and events that require emotion.

  • Bill Bunker: I Don't Really Work Here


    In his best sports jacket, Bill Bunker shares the joys of driving a loser-decaled minivan, doing B-level homework for his son, and being God’s re-gift to women.

  • Zany Report - Episode 2

    This week, tune into the Zany Report for news on Nicolas Cage, missing attorneys, flying toilets, and uncomfortable inns.

  • Tim Slagle: Team Mammal


    Utterly old and running a lengthy budget deficit, Tim Slagle blames reptiles, the Gallery of Frigid Air, happy endings, and Nigerian royalty.

  • Melvin George: I'm Not Cool


    Melvin George, the sequel, is getting older. He’s sleeping separate from his teeth, hearing the sound of God’s laugh, longing for his once long hair, and regretting his childhood decision not to become the first black president.

  • Zany Report - Binge Episodes 1-5 Now! | Exclusive New Episode Every Thursday

    1 season

    Join Dry Bar for the first episode of the Zany Report, where Bob Zany shares breaking news from around the world. Get ready for some top notch jokes, baybay!

  • Cyrus Steele: Lazy Eyes Matter


    Witty and charming, Cyrus Steele is trying to meal prep during traffic, avoid the lazy eye of the storm, and forgive his mother for putting him in clogging class.

  • Matin Atrushi: American Immigrant


    Kurdish and playing hard to get, Matin Atrushi is trying to distance himself from his sand-eating dad, his inevitable managerial position at Best Buy, and his stab-worthy Spanish skills.

  • Jeff Applebaum: Nut. Free. Zone.


    A native New Yorker and MIT educated engineer, Jeff Applebaum navigates life in California, sharing the insanity of his diverse family, inconsistent behavior all around him, and raising children in a "participation trophy" world! It's not anger - it's funny!

  • Kerri Pomarolli: Voices In My Head


    An LA woman, Kerri Pomarolli, is here to share all of the gossip from Hollywood Botox and Golden Girls with her 10-year-old, from carbohydrate friends to autocorrection nightmares

  • Freelancers

    1 season

    From JK! Studios, a show about five broke friends that’ll try anything to keep their company from sinking.

  • Ali Sultan: Third World Energy


    Yemeni American, Ali Sultan shares his story of becoming officially American. It is a story full of freedom, superstores, miscommunication, red flags, lots of driving, and a very special place called “Coca La Conca.”

  • Paul Aldrich: Music & Mirth


    Paul Aldrich and his guitar take Dry Bar on a trip around the universe of music for an unforgettable combination of tunes and jokes that will leave you singing kumbaya and a hit song from every decade.

  • Dan Brown: Not Shopping Here Today


    Dan Brown is a pretty smart idiot. Coming from hillbilly blood, he shares his dungeons and dragons jail-time, batman wedding, and his Pro Wrestling marriage problems.

  • Eric Hunter: These Are Not My Pants


    Eric Hunter is a childless stay-at-home dad with an untucked shirt and a vengeance for physical activity.

  • Bil Dwyer: Barbed Dwyer


    Bil Dwyer is reaching his breaking point with work and family life. Right now, Bil’s life consists of garbage garage sales, teaching his children how to be pigeons, telling fellas to settle down, and filling the “young buck” role at the YMCA.