Full Stand Up Comedy Specials

7 Seasons

  • Joe Larson: Champion

    Episode 1

    Joe Larson, the son of a working comedian, started comedy at an early age and has always had a knack for making light of any situation.

  • Phil Kopczynski: Full Grown Man

    Episode 2

    Phil Kopczynski is a reluctant nice guy and father who just wants to occasionally play in the wilderness and regularly make city-dwellers laugh.

  • Jeremy Nunes: Neighborhood Sasq-Watch

    Episode 3

    Jeremy Nunes has drawn rave reviews from critics for his clever observations, unique storytelling style, and ability to improvise with his audience.

  • Dan St. Paul: Mocking the Suburbs

    Episode 4

    Dan St. Paul has been chronicling his life on stage for 30 years. After turning fifty, he discovered his body changing, "I'm a cylinder now."

  • Ken Rogerson: Way North of 40

    Episode 5

    Ken Rogerson, the funniest man you've never heard of, started his comedy career working the Chicago club circuit and at the famed Second City.

  • Joey ILO: Just Work With What You Got

    Episode 6

    Making jokes and being wild and silly had been seen as a weakness for Joey growing up in Wisconsin, but now it's what makes him unique and relatable.

  • Chris Cope: Baby Face

    Episode 7

    Chris Cope, a Florida transplant now living in Los Angeles. The city has been good to Chris in just 4 short years he's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tosh.O, Laughs on Fox.

  • Rob Brackenridge: Legend Dairy

    Episode 8

    Rob's lifelong global travels have given his comedy a unique style that appeals to a wide audience. From Las Vegas casino crowds to colleges across the country, his keen ear for accents and wacky characterizations keep 'em rolling in the aisles.

  • Nick Guerra: Enjoy Life

    Episode 9

    Nick Guerra is loved by comedy audiences in clubs, corporate events, private parties, and colleges across the country, this guy tickles everyone's funny bone with his cool but energetic attitude, as he skewers relationships, family, and everyday life.

  • Bill Boronkay: You Can Do Better!

    Episode 10

    All Momma Boronkay wanted was for her three sons to have nice families and secure jobs, which is exactly what the other two boys did...then there was Bill.

  • Chris Young: Buoyant Mon

    Episode 11

    Chris Young is able to take real-life experiences and turn them into laughs that maintain a clean but funny appearance.

  • Jason Russell: Beige Frosty

    Episode 12

    Like most comedians, finding a way to be silly in class was a way to get attention from classmates and teachers!

  • Shawn Reynolds: Got Room For One More?

    Episode 13

    Shawn Reynolds is a nationally touring, clean comedian and funny dad of six who's not afraid to tell people he's also a trophy husband.

  • Richard Sarvate: Missed The Window

    Episode 14

    Richard Sarvate quit his ten year programming career in Silicon Valley to be a stand up comedian. Oops! Now he spends his nights poking fun at tech jobs, talking about his experience as a first generation Indian immigrant, and bringing silliness to anyone in earshot.

  • Dylan Mandlsohn: Cruising America

    Episode 15

    Dylan Mandlsohn uses his own brilliant comedy to entertain and challenge social norms by pushing boundaries that promote forward thinking to his Stand-up audiences across this globe.

  • Ricky Glore: Dad Bod

    Episode 16

    Ricky Glore is a stand up comedian and comedy writer known for his high energy and confidence on stage. He has opened for some of the top comedians, including Tracy Morgan, Damon Wayans, and Doug Benson.

  • Cam Bertrand: Sophisticated Ignorance

    Episode 17

    Cam shares his outlook on relationships and life through the eyes of a 23-year-old in a way that everyone can relate to.

  • Steve Geyer: Twice as Old as I Used To Be

    Episode 18

    Beginning as a nightclub comic, Steve Geyer found faith traveling the circuit and then recognized the opportunity to make people laugh with clean comedy.

  • Jim Colliton: Please Take The Lunch

    Episode 19

  • Matt Bergman: A Little Bit Balder Now

    Episode 20

    Matt Bergman has been honing his comedy craft since he was in college pursuing a degree in criminal justice. After graduating, he realized he was afraid of criminals and decided stand-up comedy was the way to go.

  • Ryan Erwin: Vertical Claps

    Episode 21

    Two words that describe Ryan are sassy and gassy. He works by day as a middle school theatre teacher. He was awarded the 2018 Teaching Star of the Year winner by the Utah Middle School Teachers Association.

  • Josh Novey: Tickling Grizzlies

    Episode 22

    An Iraq War veteran, Josh has used his humor and easy-going stage presence to entertain thousands of people. Josh is a clean comedian, so every time he goes on stage you know the whole family will be able to enjoy.

  • Josh Blue: The Disabled List

    Episode 23

    Following his groundbreaking win on NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2006, Josh Blue has risen through the ranks to become a well-established headliner at venues throughout the world.

  • John Deming: Sadder Than Most Horses

    Episode 24

    One of the most exciting young comics in Utah, John Deming's shows are as unpredictable as they are side-splitting.