Full Stand Up Comedy Specials

7 Seasons

  • The Joys of UncleDumb

    Episode 1

    With a companion guitar, Tim cavanagh asks for a wake up call, points out another unhappy marriage, finds a human music stand, and plays a possum game.

  • Ninja Practice

    Episode 2

    South Jersey originated and a hater of zodiac tattoos, J Bliss pulls his jokes from everyday observations, whether that’s shopping for watches, experiencing gas pump harassment, or trying to differentiate between donkeys and pit bulls.

  • Dummy Magnet

    Episode 3

    Frustrated with his life long curse as a dummy magnet, Mike Gaffney complains about doctors with single prescriptions, fit-bits that demand movement to prove life, and children who never move out.

  • Jokes & Voices

    Episode 4

    Brian Apprille is down 153 lbs from Super Morbidly Obese, an overrated super power he blames solely on Homer Simpson. Brian jokes about the endless circle of Pictionary, Dr. Evil's relation to Snape, and a one-time taekwondo class.

  • The Favorite

    Episode 5

    Glen Tickle apologizes for his last name, explains the things only professional comedians have time for, and tells all the stories he's only allowed to tell on stage.

  • Chicken Gone

    Episode 6

    On the “Bowl Diet” and deciding which chin to put his chin strap on, Brandon Young has 1000 words for any picture, a burned copy of the anti piracy commercial, and a shadow that sets off automatic doors.

  • I've Got a Little Surprise for Ya

    Episode 7

    From Wisconsin, where people speak backwards, Kathleen Dunbar comes to Dry Bar with a wake up call for anyone 20 and younger, a warning for bra-dialers, and more than a few tips on how to deal with “little demon pig people.”

  • A Trip to Japan

    Episode 8

    Often called the "hardest working man in show-business", Steve Hoffstetter covers everything from paper decapitations in plane crashes to seeing-eye children.

  • Honor Thy Wife

    Episode 9

    His Dry Bar Comedy videos have amassed millions of views on social media and other platforms, introducing him to tens of millions of new fans worldwide.

  • Cuban Pilot

    Episode 10

    Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the rollercoaster ride that's been his life.

  • Catch and Dress a Squirrel

    Episode 11

    Chris Schlichting, an Iowan with every bone in his body still intact, comes with a few crucial warnings. Beware of birthday wishes, day raccoons, and the spelling on all hand written love letters.

  • Dwayne Explains

    Episode 12

    Dwayne returns to Dry Bar Comedy. If you loved his first special, you will certainly love his 2nd! Dwayne Perkins has earned a spot in today's elite class of stand-up comics with appearances on Comedy Central and on Conan.

  • The Maestro of Comedy

    Episode 13

    Armando has been perfecting his unique style of comedy, utilizing his decades of classical violin mastery, his guitar skills, and even breakdance in his act.

  • Dear Amy,

    Episode 14

    A special special dedicated to a special lady.

  • Crooked Ginger

    Episode 15

    If you're looking for the reason why to use a ladle to eat lucky charms, or why being a Bigfoot hunter is better than being a comedian, your search ends with Brent Terhune, who's "known from time to time, to tell a few jokes."

  • Jordan Makin: Comedy in COVID

    Episode 16

    Jordan Makin delivers the vaccine to the people!

  • Goumba Johnny Sialiano: Comedy in COVID

    Episode 17

    Goumba Johnny Sialino recaps the chaos and comedy of quarantine.

  • Can't Cough in Public

    Episode 18

    Steve Soelberg comes to Dry Bar to report on his first pandemic. So far, it's consisted of Western standoffs, endless Bane impressions, and potential deaths by queso.

  • Rodney Norman: Santa

    Episode 19

    All the way from the North Pole, it's Santa Claus!

    Actually, Santa's favorite helper, Rodney Norman, tells us what it's like to live in this world as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick!