March 8th, Nashville

March 8th, Nashville

Tomorrow, March 8th 2022 at 7pm EST, see Alex Velluto, Jonnie W and Brian Bates LIVE at Zanies in Nashville. If you can't make it in person, watch their specials now! Tickets here:

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March 8th, Nashville
  • Thirsty

    Alex Velluto is a stand-up comedian and Diet Coke drinker from Salt Lake City, Utah. He has performed at comedy festivals all over the country including the Boston Comedy Festival, Big Sky Comedy Festival, and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

  • Not My Cup of Tea

    Jonnie W addresses the Tennessee-born stereotype. Whether or not he matches up to it, his voiced inner monologue is sure to leave you on his side when it comes to new country radio, double decker grave plots, and the difference between fish and beef.

  • Uber Important

    Brian Bates worked for nearly 20 years in corporate America before he launched a career in stand up comedy. His experience in the working world gives him a unique perspective on stage that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds