Full Stand Up Comedy Specials

7 Seasons

  • Kermet Apio: There's No "I" in "Self-Esteem"

    Episode 1

    Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kermet Apio enjoyed a childhood in paradise. He spent his time watching television, playing, and procrastinating everything else.

  • Paul Sheffield: Singled Out

    Episode 2

    Paul has been doing comedy since 2008 and has been headlining in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. He has a CD on iTunes - "Sheffield Had it Worse." He is the winner of the 2010 Happy Valley Comedy Competition.

  • Russ Nagel: Uncle of Anarchy

    Episode 3

    Russ has become recognized in the entertainment industry for achieving more laughs per minute than any comedian working the circuit today and has also been seen on The Nashville Network, A&E's Comedy on the Road, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, the WB, Spike TV, Comedy Central and the list goes o...

  • Brian Moote: Getting Schooled

    Episode 4

    Brian Moote started performing stand up in 2005 while he was working as a teacher in the Seattle School District.

  • Robert Mac: Know More

    Episode 5

    Robert's award-winning comedy is smart, subtle, and silly. Not too smart and not too subtle, but occasionally a bit more silly than you'd expect.

  • Key Lewis: Half Black, Half White, Looks Mexican

    Episode 6

    Sacramento California born Key Lewis is a high energy, improvisational, storytelling, multiple-personality nutcase!

  • Leland Klassen: More True

    Episode 7

    Raised on a farm in the heart of Canada, Leland quickly learned that shoveling manure and weeding potatoes, although lucrative, wasn't his passion in life.

  • Andrew Sleighter: Breakfast Stealer

    Episode 8

    Andrew Sleighter started in comedy looking for the perfect funny line to open a biography. Since then, Andrew's laid-back style and clever writing has won him appreciation from fans and respect from his peers.

  • Dave Burleigh: Nobody's Keeping you Here

    Episode 9

    Comedian and Impressionist Dave Burleigh's star is on the rise. His uncanny ability to impersonate just about anyone landed him the starring role as Charlie Sheen in "Not Another Celebrity Movie." Burleigh's multiple characters, voices, and impressions were showcased on Season 7 of America's Got ...

  • Mary Mack: All Ages

    Episode 10

    Folk Humorist Mary Mack performs her sometimes-musical comedy at festivals, colleges, clubs, casinos and anywhere you can find a llama or a buffet line.

  • Tony Calabrese: Fugettaboutit!

    Episode 11

    Tony Calabrese is frustrated with a few things: the Pope isn't Italian, vacations involve movement, and the AARP is the retired mafia.

  • Billy Anderson: America's Sweetheart

    Episode 12

    Born in Texas and raised in Augusta, Georgia – Billy Anderson is stand-up comedian currently living in Seattle, Washington

  • Christian Pieper: Glutton for Punishment

    Episode 13

    Christian Pieper is an award-winning and crowd-pleasing comedian from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, now living in Los Angeles.

  • Tim Young: What World is This?

    Episode 14

    Tim headlines clubs all over North America, has performed on over 500 college campuses as well as comedy festivals in New York, Montreal, and Seattle, and he's a fixture in the New York City club scene.

  • Jordan Makin: The BFFG (The Big Fat Funny Ginger)

    Episode 15

    Born and raised in the heart of Utah County, Jordan Makin had to compensate for his red hair and uneventful childhood by learning to be funny.

  • Patrick Keane: Long Love the Keane

    Episode 16

    Originally from the Midwest, raised in Orange County, college in Montana and a three-year stint in Asia make Patrick Keane a comedian with a background.

  • Andy Gold: Dreamcatcher

    Episode 17

    Andy Gold has appeared in festivals and competitions all over the country, including the Boston Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off and Comcast's Trial by Laughter Comedy Festival.

  • Collin Moulton: Anti-Animal Vegan

    Episode 18

    Collin is one of the most fun, personable, and sought after headliners today. He has had his own stand-up special on SHOWTIME, he's been on NICKELODEON, and was recently featured on LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY.

  • Keith Barany: Dude... Seriously?

    Episode 19

    There's no doubt Keith Barany delivers the laughs, every single time he hits the stage. As a tested and veteran touring pro, Keith could explain for hours about the subtle skill set he employs to make the laughs happen.

  • Steve Mazan: Humblebragger

    Episode 20

    Steve Mazan shot out of the famous San Francisco scene that produced comedy legends such as Robin Williams and Dana Carvey.

  • Zoltan Kaszas: Cat Jokes

    Episode 21

    Zoltan Kaszas was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in San Diego, California. He first stepped onstage at the age of nineteen and he was hooked immediately.

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  • Paul Morrissey: A Real Humdinger

    Episode 22

    Paul was raised as a sports fanatic in the tiny town of Owego, in upstate New York. After four years of playing college basketball, somehow he graduated.

  • Johnny Beehner: The Flamingo Special

    Episode 23

    Johnny Beehner puts on a funny show. He's got everything you want from a comic: He's silly, he's likeable, and he's fun.

  • Moody McCarthy: The Good Jew

    Episode 24

    Moody was born "Matthew" in Syracuse, NY, into a rambunctious household with six siblings. (They're Irish...somebody had to get a nickname.) He began doing comedy in 1992 and was soon hired by Syracuse's top morning radio show to cover sports and write jokes, his first loves.