Full Stand Up Comedy Specials

7 Seasons

  • Kabir Singh: Retiring Material

    Episode 1

    Kabir Singh is a huge crowd-pleaser with an abundance of energy, an in-your-face attitude, and clever material.

  • K-Von: Designer Muscles

    Episode 2

    K-von is the most famous Half-Persian comedian in the world. Raised by a religious family in Las Vegas; he's an expert at removing a bad word from a joke while keeping it funny.

  • Kevin Downey Jr: (Seriously), Please Pray For Me

    Episode 3

    New York City comedian Kevin Downey, Jr. was a finalist on America's Got Talent. He is a regular in Las Vegas, and has the pleasure of entertaining our troops around the world.

  • Chris Strait: Laugh Till You Run Out of Air

    Episode 4

    If your type of comedian is someone who reminds us all how funny we all are, Chris Strait is for you! No funny topic is off-limits for this California nativeā€¦ but he's just telling his story.

  • Maher Matta: Personally Speaking

    Episode 5

    Comedian Maher Matta has been performing standup comedy for nearly sixteen years. He has appeared on FOX's "Laughs TV", has performed at comedy clubs across the country, hired for private events, and placed in comedy festivals and competitions.

  • Bob Stromberg: I'm a Pretty Big Deal

    Episode 6

    Bob Stromberg is a funny man. For over forty years he's traveled the world performing his very unique and perfect blend of standup, story, and shtick.

  • Marty Simpson: I Am Coach

    Episode 7

    Marty's act is filled with actual events from his life. Everything he says is a true story based on something that either happened to him, his kids, or that he made up entirely.

  • Robert G. Lee: Laughter's Still Legal!

    Episode 8

    Robert has combined his Christian world view with his Monty Python sensibility and written many Veggie Tales videos such as "Little Joe," "Gideon" and "Sheerluck Holmes."

  • John Branyan: Demeaning of Life

    Episode 9

    In November of 1990, John took the stage at an Indianapolis comedy club with the intention of getting comedy out of his system.

  • Jesse Egan: That's The Spirit

    Episode 10

    Jesse performs stand-up comedy all over the country and has opened for Chris D'Elia, Theo Von, Dane Cook, Doug Stanhope, Joey Diaz, Brian Posehn and many more.

  • Max Dolcelli: Funny is All Around Us

    Episode 11

    Max Dolcelli has appeared just about everywhere and done just about everything a comedian can do, performing in comedy clubs and comedy festivals in the U.S.

  • Karen Morgan: Go Dawgs!

    Episode 12

  • Brad Trackman: Thanks

    Episode 13

    Brad Trackman is a national touring comedian who has been featured as a stand up on CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Star Search with Arsenio Hall, AXS tv's Gotham Comedy Live, MTV's The Buried Life, New Joke City with Robert Klein, NBC's Later, NBC...

  • Bob Zany: I Think I Handled That Well

    Episode 14

    "He simply reaches into a bottomless grab bag of jokes, so smooth and effortless that it would be easy to overlook just how much talent and skill is behind the process'" -L.A. TImes

  • Michael Palascak: 1984

    Episode 15

    Michael Palascak started performing stand-up comedy in college but kept it a secret. People would ask, "What are you going to do after you graduate?" He'd say, "I'm pretty sure my parents are taking me out to eat."

  • Helene Angley: Queen Size

    Episode 16

    Helene brings honesty to the stage that helps everyone relax-- and laugh at the joys and pains of aging, being a married mother of two and all that the generation gap brings!

  • Nick Arnette: Boomers and Hipsters

    Episode 17

    LA comic, Nick Arnette, riffs on starting to date grandmas, his border exchange policy, and why Baby Boomers are the coolest generation.

  • JJ Barrows: Doodle All Day

    Episode 18

    JJ Barrows was raised in South Carolina as the middle child of a preacher's family. Having always felt a little different, JJ uses humor to navigate through the realities of life, being single through her thirties, and adjusting to life changes brought about by age, a cross country move, and even...

  • Tom Simmons: Peace, Love and Whatnot

    Episode 19

    Tom Simmons talks about living and raising his son with love and non-violence (and how he's losing his mind in the process)

  • Chelle T: It Just Got Real

    Episode 20

    Laughing is great medication and now the doctor is in. Chelle T has hit the scene and has brought with her a whirlwind of imagination, stage presence, and originality.

  • Myles Weber: Pug Life

    Episode 21

    Opening his set by describing himself as a series of white dudes, Myles Weber hones in on the humor of his life experiences in his special, joking about growing up in the hood, playing The Green Lantern in an amusement park, and his three-legged pug Taz.

  • LeClerc Andre: With All Due Respect

    Episode 22

    LeClerc Andre is having a breakout year as a featured New Face at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

  • Dave Dugan: Human Cannon-Ball

    Episode 23

    A one-of-a-kind delivery accompanied by impeccable timing and imaginative comedy angles has led DAVE DUGAN down the path to NATIONAL TV APPEARANCES and to RAVE REVIEWS from corporate event planners.

  • Mike Goodwin: WhatchaNotGoneDo Is Not Laugh At These Jokes!

    Episode 24

    A southern gentleman with a curious mind, love for people, and heart for God, Mike Goodwin is in a class all his own.