Free for the LOLidays!

This week, enjoy these two specials as a holiday gift from your friends at Dry Bar Comedy+.
If you're already a plus subscriber, you've probably already seen these gems. So, either give it a rewatch or enjoy any of the four brand new specials we're releasing this week just for YOU. Happy LOLidays everyone!

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  • Third World Energy

    Yemeni American, Ali Sultan shares his story of becoming officially American. It is a story full of freedom, superstores, miscommunication, red flags, lots of driving, and a very special place called “Coca La Conca.”

  • The Birds & Febreze

    Quirky and cynical, Kristen Lindner breathes fresh air into motherhood and marriage, salvaging lessons from a pet hamster's disaster, a mother-in-law’s urn, and a husband’s interrupted nightmare.