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East Coast
  • Champion

    Joe Larson, the son of a working comedian, started comedy at an early age and has always had a knack for making light of any situation.

  • Famous Nobody

    Jimmy is well known for his high energy rapid-fire delivery, hilarious stories, and one-liners as well as amazing improvisation off the audience responses with Headlining performances that are always on the edge with his unique edgy streetwise point of view.

  • Still In The Driveway

    BUDDY FITZPATRICK, a native of Philadelphia, is currently a New York City club favorite sharing his comedy perspective.

  • Dummy Magnet

    Frustrated with his life long curse as a dummy magnet, Mike Gaffney complains about doctors with single prescriptions, fit-bits that demand movement to prove life, and children who never move out.

  • Cuban Pilot

    Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the rollercoaster ride that's been his life.

  • The Favorite

    Glen Tickle apologizes for his last name, explains the things only professional comedians have time for, and tells all the stories he's only allowed to tell on stage.

  • A Little Bit Balder Now

    Matt Bergman has been honing his comedy craft since he was in college pursuing a degree in criminal justice. After graduating, he realized he was afraid of criminals and decided stand-up comedy was the way to go.

  • The Chusky Life

    Danny Johnson's hilarious, clean stand-up has entertained audiences in comedy clubs, corporate events, and churches nationwide.

  • Maija DiGiorgio: Maija Pinion

    In her comedy, Maija examines the complexities of what it means to be a mixed-race, multicultural woman through the context of trivial topics like dating, family, and daily observations.

  • Sadder Than Most Horses

    One of the most exciting young comics in Utah, John Deming's shows are as unpredictable as they are side-splitting.

  • The Notorious F.O.D.

    A father and husband, Joey Callahan is surrounded by a family of women. Among the growing pains are automatic apologies, inside out catastrophes, and "Jurassic Park" reenactments.

  • Looking Good

    From Texas and headed for heaven, Karen Cunningham is in a war with the beauty defects of age. She recommends replacing white pants and sunlight with pantyhose and prayer.

  • The Correct Answer

    Even keeled and skeptical, Seth Knorr graces the stage to wash away any preconceived notions regarding report cards, global warming, and family budgets.

  • Just Be Happy

    Chris Monty would prefer if everyone minded their own business. His is eating a veal chop, working 45 minutes a day, and being next rather than first.

  • Lesson Plans To Late Night

    From a public school teacher to a national touring comedian, Lucas Bohn shares his journey of following his dreams in the midst of life’s many curve balls. Lucas brings with him a classic love story, a plethora of jokes from students, and the joys of mid-life adoption.

  • 2 Cool 4 School

    LUCAS BOHN is energetic with an edge. The perfect blend of schoolboy charm and bad-boy charisma, his comedy is both smart and audacious.

  • Left Field

    Andy Hendrickson has multiple TV appearances including: The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Gotham Comedy Live, NBC/Seeso's The Guest List and more.

  • These Are Not My Pants

    Eric Hunter is a childless stay-at-home dad with an untucked shirt and a vengeance for physical activity.

  • I Mean Business

    Leighann Lord is an American comedian, writer, and actress. She performs stand-up comedy, has appeared on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and is a former co-host (with Neil deGrasse Tyson) of the Star Talk Radio podcast As of April 2020, Lord became a co-host for Center for Inquiry's Point of Inqui...

  • Getting Up There

    Bill Campbell is not as young as he used to be. Egos are lost in translation, contact lenses are replaced by magic markers, and garage sales are negotiated cent-by-cent.

  • Please Take The Lunch

    Jim Colliton addresses some housekeeping. If you have kids, get an industrial paper shredder. If you have a turtle with ADHD, don’t take it to the vet. If you have a dog, greet your wife first. And if you want an honest opinion, ask a two year old.

  • Who is Rodney Laney?

    Rodney Laney has completed pilots for Comedy Central, MTV, and A&E. He has been seen on HBO, FOX News Channel's Red Eye, The Late Late Show on CBS, Comedy Central's Premium Blend, comedy.tv on the HD channel, two appearances on Gotham Comedy Live AXSTV, and Live in Gotham VR.

  • Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

    Tony Deyo is a stand-up comedian known most notably for his sharp, quick material and near-perfect comedic timing almost certainly gained from his years as a professional symphony musician.

  • I Can Get Whiter

    Andy recently appeared on Conan on TBS. Around that same time, his half-hour special premiered on Comedy Central.