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Watch this video and more on Dry Bar Comedy+

Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 3

    The third episode of Improv Broadway contemplates cuter babies, catholic potato chips, Marie Kondo, and Hydro Flasks. Games this night include 9 out of 10, Tony Award Winning Moment, Pick a Text, Back in My Day, Celebrity Interview, and Musical Thoughts.

  • Episode 4

    Episode four of Improv Broadway includes the games Pick a Text, Sing It, Back in My Day, Buzzers and Bells, Two Rooms, and For Your Consideration. If you were ever curious about Space X, Beach Volleyball, or Scrapbooking, this is your night.

  • Episode 5

    In the fifth episode of Improv Broadway, the cast explores swallowing gold fish, break ups, blueberries, and Australia. They play the games My Hands are Tied, Slow Mo Olympics, Text Me a Musical, Pillars, Mixtape, and Band reunion.