Steve Soelberg

Extremely funny comedian and overall nice person Steve Soelberg brings an observational, story telling style of comedy which has repeatedly left his regularly sold out audiences in stitches. Whether he's relating the experiences of growing up in a large family in Seattle, Washington or recounting the time he saw an angry guy in a tutu at a Ragnar relay, he has a way of making each audience member feel as if they were just the person he wanted to tell the story to because he knew they'd enjoy it just as much as he did. Due to his growing popularity as a comedian, he has appeared multiple times on local TV affiliates (Fox, KUTV, and KSL), on the radio, and has entertained tens of thousands traveling the country not only as comedian, but also as the voice of the Ragnar relay races as their race announcer and emcee. Steve's positive, upbeat personality paired with his observational, often self deprecating humor and his ability to appeal to a broad audience guarantee his shows will be a hilarious and memorable experience for all those who attend.

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