• Spencer James: Bullies Are Necessary


    Spencer has performed all over North America, he has won festivals, and he was recently featured on Fox's television show "Laughs." Yet now, with the title as a Las Vegas headliner, he brings all of his talents to the stage for a once in a generation experience.

  • Jasmine Ellis: Nobody's Queen


    Jasmine Ellis shares her unapologetically hilarious takes on being a newly married millennial and why she could either be the best or worst employee in the world depending on the stars.

  • Christian Pieper: Glutton for Punishment

    Christian Pieper is an award-winning and crowd-pleasing comedian from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, now living in Los Angeles.

  • K-Von: Designer Muscles

    K-von is the most famous Half-Persian comedian in the world. Raised by a religious family in Las Vegas; he's an expert at removing a bad word from a joke while keeping it funny.

  • Jimmy Della Valle: Famous Nobody


    Jimmy is well known for his high energy rapid-fire delivery, hilarious stories, and one-liners as well as amazing improvisation off the audience responses with Headlining performances that are always on the edge with his unique edgy streetwise point of view.

  • Mark Poolos: One Wife, Two Daughters, Zero Influence


    Mark stands 6'7" weighs in at 350 technically a giant however he is very weak and a wimp. In his routines, he weaves the story of his life as a bumbling jolly giant in his fast engaging storytelling style.

  • Rik Roberts: Put Down The Sweet Tea


    Rik Roberts brings a little bit of Nashville everywhere he goes. From quick bits about family and technology, to surprising stories about marriage and music – you'll find something you can relate to.

  • Zoltan Kaszas: Cat Jokes


    Zoltan Kaszas was born in Budapest, Hungary, and raised in San Diego, California. He first stepped onstage at the age of nineteen and he was hooked immediately.

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  • Andrew Rivers: Laffy Taffy


    Andrew's very personal and fun storytelling comedy, combined with his exemplary work ethic has earned him high praise from some of the best comedians in the business.

  • Steve Soelberg: Pirate Hymns


    Steve Soelberg is back, living his best life with appendicitis, and singing pirate hymns to make it though this set of fresh new jokes for you.

  • Rahn Hortman Trailer

  • Travis Nelson: To Touch A Cloud


    Ever since Travis Nelson was whacked by Mother Nature’s growing stick, things have been looking down. The story involves magical lifeguard whistles, ice clouds, and a skydiver’s bucket list.